I’m Katie Alexandra and welcome to my little world of stitching…

I have always been creative in some aspect but I worked mainly as an artist, producing contemporary art in acrylics and oils. I then made a bold and scary move from sunny Brisbane, Australia all the way to Yorkshire, England to be with my now fiancé (all 10,173 miles!).

Transitioning from an entire in house studio to paint and create to only having a tiny nook in our small English 2 bedder wasn’t exactly ideal. So not being able to paint, I needed an outlet to keep my artistic sanity in check, so, came embroidery. It was the perfect answer to my arty dilemma and I absolutely fell in love and have been obsessed with it ever since.

Like my painted works my embroidery is inspired by my love of animals and nature, since leaving Oz I have become so much more inspired and in love with Australia’s vast and beautiful flora and fauna. I guess in a way it’s a way for me to still feel connected to my roots and appreciate the beauty I had the privilege of living in for 30 years. 

So it brings me such great pleasure to be able to share my love and creativeness with others and be able to offer what other arties have done for me by producing some meaningful pieces for our homes.
There’s nothing more special than seeing the pieces you spend hours making appreciated and displayed proudly in your homes, so please share your pics with me (you can tag me on Instagram @nomad_and_york)

Thank you so much for loving colour, nature, and pretty things just as much as I do by supporting small businesses. 

Katie xx